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Le Trou de la Bombe (BombCrater)
(Bavella Massif) :

Start: col de Bavella(BavellaPass - 1218 m), in the car park. Things of interest : “U Tafonu di u Compuleddu” (Corsican for big hole in the mountain), an unusual feature due to erosion. You walk on top of the Velaco Plateau, to the south of the Bavella Pass, in a beautiful pinewood forest. Length :three hour round trip. Follow the red, stone markers. Difficulty: easy.

La Punta di a Vacca Morta (L’Ospédale Massif) :

Start: the hamlet ofCartalavonu (1022m), 4 km from the village ofl'Ospédale. Once through Cartalavonu, follow the orange markers of the Mare a Mare Sudfootpath (signs towardsCarbini, Levie). Things of interest: there is a magnificent view from the plateau at 1314m. It is possible to see the whole eastern side of the Gulf of Porto-Vecchio and the whole western side of the Valincu Gulf at once. Length: a round trip of two and a half hours. Follow the orange, stone markers. Difficulty: easy. .

The Cuscionu Plateau: :

The Cuscionu Plateau is situated on the border between the Alta Rocca and Taravuregions and offers a wide variety of activities in the great outdoors: cross-country skiing and snowshoeing in winter and, in summer, hiking and horse riding.

Piscia di GhjiadduWaterfall (l'Ospedale massif) :

Start: on the D368 road, one kilometreafterl'Ospedaledam heading towardsZonza. From the car park, follow the forest path on the right, which heads into the forest and, after crossing a stream, take the right-hand fork to continue on a signposted path (stone markers), until you reach a rocky line ?unebarrerocheuse. Things of interest: the fir tree waterfall, known as “A Piscia di ghjaddu” in Corsican. Water shoots out from the rock before falling an impressive 70m. The way down is quite steep and rockyemprunte des dallesrocheuses. The banks at the bottom are steep and swimming is not recommended. Length: one and a half hours round trip. Follow the red, stone markers. Difficulty: quite difficult during the second half due to the steepness of the descent.

Mare a Mare Sud (Southern Sea to Sea):

A hike from the sea to the sea which is doable throughout the year and enables you to see the department of Corse-du-Sudfrom Porto-VecchiotoPropriano. All good walkers could complete this hike which hasa varied itinerary made up of five stages. The villas are normally openfrom 1 April until 31 October. There is a price available including bed, breakfast or half-board. It is advisable to book. For more information, please see theTopo-Guide Corse entre meretmontagne edited by theParc Naturel Régional de la Corse.


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